We love fine writing instruments.

And in letting this be known, we have almost surrendered the secret of our success. Of course, we only use the highest quality materials in the world for our pens. Rare woods as well as precious metals are included.

However, that alone does not turn a fountain pen into a fine writing instrument. In addition, all of our employees are experts in their field. Decades-old craftsmanship, countless hours of work by hand and a large number of production processes are required to produce a single fountain pen. Up to twenty-six individual parts per pen are processed. In the fields of tool making, precision injection-molding technology and nib finishing, we operate at the highest level. With brush tips as fine as a hair and a steady hand, we create our bicolour nibs, which are unrivaled throughout the world.

Between ordering raw materials and the final delivery to our customers, days and weeks pass. It is the quality that counts. Not time. In the end, something special is installed in each of our fine writing instruments. Something money cannot buy. Our very own raw materials, such as our love for detail, passion for our work or a small piece of the Prignitz. That is our secret. That is what turns writing instruments into fine writing instruments.