Prignitz - A piece of home.

Rationally, the Prignitz is only the floodplain between the Elbe and Havel rivers. It is neither well known nor one of the most beloved places in the world. Rationally considered.

To us, however, the Prignitz is the most beautiful place on Earth. We love the countryside, we love the lowland forest and its numerous storks and it is right here that we love to make our fine writing instruments. With the highest level of technical skill and attention to detail, true craftsmanship comes to life in Bad Wilsnack.

Using the finest and most innovative materials, such as ebonite, amboyna burl, platinum, gold and silver, we create unique and beautiful writing instruments intricately by hand. For people who see the world as we do – who notice the small details to the big picture, the extraordinary in the ordinary and for who the word homeland makes them think of home.

For us, the Prignitz is a piece of home. It is here that our fine writing instruments are at home. We are not just rational. And we are proud of it.