Injection molding

Parts of precious resin with high requirements regarding the material and surface quality are produced in a thermoplastics processing in our company Cleo. For this workmanship we are using injection molding machines of the typ ENGEL and ARBURG.
The production of 2k injection molded parts is one of our goods and services. Our competent and technically qualified staff, with its experience, is at your disposal to assist you in the development and the implementation of your projects. The team is responsible for the machine installation and supervision of the machines during shift work. Even parts with precision encapsulation of inserts can be produced.

The injection molding tool which is needed for molded parts can be produced in our company. Our department for tool shop will construct a tool according to your specification. Alternatively you can also provide an already existing tool. The maintenance and repair service of the molding tools are included.

If required we can also provide the chipping or polishing of the produced thermoplastic parts to achieve an appealing surfaces. The polishing can be done by hand or with optical profile polishing machines.